2018 Strategy

Our 2018 Strategy for fighting hemangiosarcoma, a deadly cancer that occurs in dogs, will focus on the following 4 areas:

  • Building partnerships
  • Establishing a presence
  • Aiding Research
  • Raising awareness

The sections below detail some specific goals around these initiatives, and we will be communicating updates about our progress on a quarterly basis. If you would like to receive an email every quarter, or if you would like to help us reach our goals, please contact us here.


Building Partnerships

  • Partner with other organizations that will help raise awareness and/or research funds for hemangiosarcoma. We can't do this alone, and working with others will help ensure our success in fighting this disease.
    • Goal: Establish partnerships with at least 5 other organizations

Establishing a Presence

  • Continue building this website to be a resource for pet owners, and grow our internet presence so that we are easier to find
    • Goal: 1000 Facebook followers by end of Q4. This gives us a good base for communicating updates about HSA
    • Goal: 1st page of Google for hemangiosarcoma-related searches (exact keywords that we will target are TBD)

Aiding Research

  • Find a method to financially support research on an ongoing basis
    • Goal:  Raise $10,000 in research funds this year

Raising Awareness

  • Organize a 5K walk/run for pets and their owners
    • Goal: at least 100 participants in the first annual run