Researcher Questionnaire

Our goal is to raise awareness about hemangiosarcoma, and staying up to date on current research initiatives is an integral part of that process. An ongoing challenge we face is translating research findings, which often contain complex academic and medical language, into something more accessible for pet owners. We are looking for researchers who may be able to help with this effort, through occasional content generation (i.e. summarization of reseach findings for pet owners) and content reviews (making sure the information we present on our website is accurate).

Also, as we continue to establish our veterinarian partnership, we may wish to send out newsletters to veterinary practices that contain information about current initiatives, and new findings related to prevention, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of hemangiosarcoma.

Finally, in addition to providing research updates to pet owners and veterinarians, we would like to identify research projects that we could potentially donate to in the future. If you are interested in helping with any of the above, please let us know using the form below.


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If you would you like to help, please tell us how:
A partnership would involve occasional communication over email that would allow us to ask questions about your research, and allow you to keep us informed about current research initiatives and opportunities that we can communicate with pet owners. Optionally, we may seek help with content review and generation for this website.