It's been a few weeks since our last update. During that time, we gained 501(c)(3) status from the IRS for our organization, Puplift. This is a huge milestone for us, and will give us new opportunities for raising money for hemangiosarcoma research. We are still figuring out the the best way to raise money for research, but we're talking to a couple of companies that I think may be able to help us out. For example, we may end up creating some sort of product (cute dog collars, dog toys, etc) and offering that in turn for donations (or donating any profits if we sell these directly). I think the product-based approach may provide a steadier stream of research funding than simply asking people for donations, and that is the main idea we are pursuing now.

It's been a quiet few weeks in terms of contact with the universities we had previously been speaking with. I hope to reconnect once we're a little further along with some of the ideas mentioned above. Until then, we are using the Puplift name to build an audience of dog lovers on both Instagram and Facebook, and I hope this audience will eventually join us in our fight against canine cancer.

We also added a new pup to our In Memory page. This cute dog, named Maggie, is yet another reminder about why our organization exists, and what exactly we're fighting for.

Finally, Elyse and I will be going to Edisto Beach in April to spread some of Bear's ashes in one of the places he loved the most. The video of Bear playing fetch in the ocean (see the home page) was taken in Edisto, and we have some many great memories there. It only seems fitting that we spread some of his ashes there.