5K Planning

A couple of weeks have past since our last update. Things got a little busy during that time, but one item I have been looking into over the last few days is the organization of a 5K. I spoke with the organizer of Atlanta's second largest 5K, the O4W5K, and will be joining their next board meeting to see what I can learn that might be applicable to our own run. I'll provide an update shortly after with more details about this meeting, which is set for Thursday.

I have also been continuing to donate time to the Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute, and am looking for new volunteer opportunities as well. I hope that this volunteer work will allow us to start building relationships that may one day help fight hemangiosarcoma. together.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

- African Proverb

Finally, we followed up with the canine DNA testing company that we mentioned in the previous blog post. They proposed a study that would help determine whether or not certain genetic mutations are present in dogs that develop hemangiosarcoma. However, I believe that without the ability to detect HSA earlier, or treat it effectively, telling pet owners that their dog may have a genetic marker associated with this disease wouldn't be actionable at this point in time. So, we would like to circle back around to this idea in a few weeks, but look further into studies around earlier detection and more targeted treatment techniques as a potential precursor to this study, in the meantime.

Thank you for reading, look for another update soon.