Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve, and it's been a difficult holiday season without Bear. But one thing that has helped lift our spirits is the support we have received from family, friends, researchers, veterinarians, pet owners, and others, as we fight to raise awareness and research funds for hemangiosarcoma. So, to everyone reading this post, and to everyone who has helped us in some way: Thank You. We are eternally grateful for your support.

We have so many exciting things in the pipeline that we are almost ready to share with all of you, including our 2018 strategy, which we will be posting right before New Years. Also, we have a couple of small updates that we'd like to communicate in the mean time:

  • We are developing a new page that will provide pet owners with tips for identifying good / trustworthy research articles. We will be incorporating some tips that we received from multiple people who work at universities (who look through research on a regular basis), and will be rolling this page out sometime next week.
  • We have also added a subscription form to the bottom of our site, which will allow you to track updates to this blog whenever we create a new post. This is a minor update, but I think it will improve communication with our regular blog readers.

Anyways, thanks again to everyone who has supported us during this tough time. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas.