Treatments page

We are back from New York, and picking up where we left off. Today, we added the first version of the Treatments page, which will give pet owners a quick overview of the standard treatments available for hemangiosarcoma, and even an interesting alternative treatment that was studied by the University of Pennsylvania. We will be digging further into the treatment landscape in the next few days, and updating this page further with information tailored to pet owners.

One treatment that we will be including more information about is called eBAT. This drug was developed and studied at the University of Minnesota, who detailed some very promising results in an article that was published earlier this year. According to the research, eBAT improved median survival times from < 40% to 70%, with 6 out of 23 dogs surviving more than 450 days. This research gives me even more confidence that we chose the right organization to raise money for during our initial fundraising campaign.

Anyways, our next update will be shortly after Christmas. Our plan is to keep making content improvements to the site itself, and to also start detailing our plan for raising awareness and research funds in 2018. Thanks for reading!