Cure HSA


Thank you for your interest in our site. As you may know already, we started this in response to the sudden loss of our 6 year old Australian Shepherd, Bear. You can read about what happened here. We are going to do everything we can to fight hemangiosarcoma, and this website is our first step. It's young now, and needs a lot more information in order to become a true resource for pet owners, but in the upcoming days, we will be adding a bunch of important information about this disease, including:

  • Which dogs (breed, age, and other factors) are most at risk
  • Processes for diagnosis and treatment that pet owners should be aware of
  • Current research initiatives, explained in layman terms, that are helping fight this disease
  • What events we plan on organizing in the upcoming year to raise awareness
  • Interviews with vets and researchers about this disease.

Thank you so much for supporting this site. As mentioned elsewhere, we have launched our first crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds for the University of Minnesota's canine cancer research programs.